Boje Arndt Kiesiel

is a sculptor and painter, who grew up in Northern Germany at the Baltic Sea and is today based in Berlin.

He is a self-taught visual artist, with professional qualifications as sign painter and camera operator. After he started to experiment with graffiti in 1989-1991, the acquaintance with a classical painter put him in touch with the history of classic art and its various forms of expression. Kiesiel began to work in different techniques, explored drawing, painting and photography, and later started building sculptures, objects and installations.

His art is mainly described as contemporary art and often shows elements of Surrealism, LowBrow and Pop Art, but is not labelled by it. His main means of expression is assemblage, frequently addressing issues of consumerism and taking a critical look on modern society, and an atmospheric form of painting, combining abstract forms with representational elements. Common to all his works is a moment of revelation, they confront, entice, evoke. His objects reflect uncomfortable truths, destroy the smooth surface of consumerism, or play with taboo topics to lead the observer out of his comfort zone. His paintings address the subconscious and stimulate deep layers of perception with seemingly objective forms that yet cannot be grasped. Within colorful surfaces that appear to be abstract at first sight he shapes figures and scenes that become visible only on closer examination. Sometimes this is reversed, and a seemingly clear figure reveals more and more layers when looking at its various details.

2008-2010 Cofounder of independent artspace nachtspeicher23 e.V. in Hamburg St. Georg
2010 – 2012 member of artist center Künstlerhaus Wendenstraße in Hamburg.
2012 winner of Anti- consumerism art contest by ArtCollectorsClub Munich.
2013 move to Berlin
since 2015 member of artist center HB55 in East-Berlin Lichtenberg

Beteiligungen an Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl):

2018 jul “Dark delight“, nachtspeicher23 in Hamburg
2017 oct “Knotenpunkt17“ international art-festival by affenfaust gallery in Hamburg
2017 apr “INTUITION“ groupexhibition by xpon-art, Hamburg
2017 apr “Blumensalon“ groupexhibition by Kunstvoll gallery, Hamburg
2017 apr “WHAT THE WEEKEND IS GALLERY 2“ groupexhibition by THE ART UNION, Berlin
2016 dec “Dont wake daddy XI“, int. LowBrow-show curated by Heiko Müller and Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg
2016 nov “formidabel“ Sculptures, duo-show with Toni Spyra at affenfaust gallery, Hamburg
2016 oct “MenschTierWir“ int. groupshow curated by Elmar Lause at affenfaust gallery, Hamburg
2016 sep “TIMES SHAPES / REACTIONS“ int. groupshow at artist center HB55, Berlin
2016 aug “ART-MAP“ int. art-festival, Ponte de Lima, North-Portugal
2016 Jul 14.-17. Millerntor Gallery #6, Hamburg 2015 “Dont wake daddy X“ int. groupshow, curated by Heiko Müller and Ralf Krüger
2015 “Don´t Look Now!“ int. groupexhibition by Sweet “Art, London (UK)
2015 “Knotenpunkt15“ int. art-festival by gallery affenfaust:
2015 “Lange Nacht der Bilder“ open day at HB55 in Berlin Lichtenberg
2015 “Millerntor gallery #5“ internationale Gruppenausstellung, St.Pauli- Stadion, Hamburg
2015 “Das eigene Ich“ curated by Elmar Lause, Galerie Affenfaust, Hamburg St. Pauli
2014 “Dont wake daddy IX“ Int. groupshow, curated by Heiko Müller and Feinkunst Krüger Hamburg
2014 “Knotenpunkt14“ int. UrbanArt-Festival von Galerie Affenfaust, Hamburg
2014 “Katzen gehen immer“ Galerie Affenfaust, Hamburg St. Pauli
2014 “Millerntor gallery #4“ internationale Gruppenausstellung von viva con aqua, St.Pauli- Stadion, Hamburg
2014 “Pop-Up“ internationale Gruppenausstellung Pop-Up art Gallery, Berlin Schöneberg
2013 “support your local heroes“ Galerie Auf Halb Acht, Hamburg Schanze
2013 “Knotenpunkt13“ int. UrbanArt-Festival von Galerie Affenfaust in Hamburg Altona
2013 “crash“ Polnisch-deutsche Gruppenausstellung Teil 1 bei FKT, Bochum
2013 “Adbusters situation“ Ausstellung im Rahmen des Forums ekg, bei Oko Miasta und Gallery Hyperion, Katowice / PL
2013 “crash“ gallery Szyb Wilson / Polnisch-deutsche Gruppenausstellung Teil 1, Katowice / Poland
2012 “Dont wake daddy VII Apokalypse how“ Int. Gruppenausstellung, kuratiert von Heiko Müller und Feinkunst Krüger
2012 “Wendenstraße 45“ Galerie Oelfrueh, Hamburg Hammerbrook
2012 “SIAL – Silence is a lie“ int. Urban art Ausstellung, Berlin Friedrichshain
2011 “WRY!“ Künstlerhaus Wendenstraße45 bei Galerie Genscher, Hamburg Karoviertel
2010 “kOnfUSioN“ mit Uli Pforr im Hinterconti, Karoviertel Hamburg
2010 “support your local heroes“ Galerie Halb Acht, Hamburg St. Pauli

Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl):
2013 “Luxus Habitat“ Tiefenthal, Hamburg Eppendorf
2012 “Every bird`s dream“ Heilkulturwerk, Hamburg
2012 “echoes“ gallery Affenfaust, Hamburg St. Pauli
2011 “Zombies“ Galerie Halb Acht, Hamburg St. Pauli
2010 “beyond the night“ Galerie Halb Acht, Hamburg St. Pauli
2010 “pling“ Poly Galerie, Karlsruhe
2009 “Schwebezustand“ nachtspeicher23 , Hamburg St. Georg
2009 “UTOP“ Galerie Halb Acht, Hamburg St. Pauli


2015 “AAF“ represented by gallery Only Art Club at art-fair AAF Hamburg

2015 “STROKE Ltd.“ art-fair Munich /

2010 “UND #5“, nachtspeicher23, Karlsruhe