Boje Arndt Kiesiel | visual artist

Link pictures 2014

the meatgrinder

sculpture / assemblage: mixed media
30 x 15 x 25 cm

This object provokes by its drastic contrast of a luxurious surface and a deadly incident, a truth revealed at a second view. Golden figures are piled up to a pyramide on a massive item. Donald Duck, Sesame Street´s Bert, different comic heroes, toy soldiers and above all them a Grim Reaper in triumph, all of them bound to fall into funnel. It is a common household meatgrinder, made of metal and plastic, on a pedestal. It grinds the figures to a homogenous golden mash, floating out of it further down.

On one side of the pedestal is written a quotation of general S. Patton, a highly remunerated U.S. Army general in World War II: „Brad, this time the Kraut´s stuck his head in the meatgrinder, and I’ve got hold of the handle“. By this outdated historical reference, the actuality of the topic is highlighted: The universal absurdity of war and violence, which at all times will exterminate valuable, individual life in senseless power games.

The compilation of friendly dolls, kids’ heroes and comic figures with the universal soldier, who has nothing evil about him in his gold-covered toy form, appears almost naïve. They all unite under a cover of color first, and finally in their common extinction. The meatgrinder equalises all of them, and above all of them enthroned sits death, the sole and eternal winner in this game – which ultimately will catch also the man on the handle.

In its game of esthetic contrasts the object sets the warm and luxurious glow of the figures against the cold metallic shine of the meat grinder, small, vulnerable individuals in battle with a merciless meat machine made from rough and solid material. The pop art esthetic reflects the forms of expression of media and consumerism the object appears to be appealing at first sight, and provoking and repulsive at second sight. Kiesiel first attracts the observer, plays with the means of wrapping and surface, to then show the abyss. 

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