Boje Arndt Kiesiel | visual artist

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the wink

sculpture / assemblage / wallobject: car-grille, dove (not natural), red acrylic
85 x 30 x 20 cm

Today Kiesiel often deals with the dark side of consumerism and society, and explores what is hidden beneath its smooth surface. He uses the technique of assemblage, which came up in the late 19th century and is a further development of the collage, combining three-dimensional items to form multi-layered objects. In Kiesiel´s works, unusual combinations of common symbols and everyday items create new connections, uncover unpleasant facts, and question the superficial peace. Hitting the sore spot, he challenges the way we look at things, and invites to a more conscious attitude.

A dove is stuck with her head inside the radiator grill of a Mercedes C class. Blood is streaming down the shiny chrome-plated bars. The soft body is stuck half in the brand emblem, but the rear part pokes out of it undamaged and pure white. By using minimal means, this clash of different elements displays a clear contrariness, which forces the observer to chose a side. It seems impossible to take the role of the dove. If you want to have any pleasure, or merely eat, reside and live, society will not release you from the obligation of consuming and paying. If you chose the dove´s role, you will be the loser.

The object confronts the observer directly with the conflict between moral values or ideals, and a life reality shaped by craving and consumption, a conflict which people are eager to cover by canting half-positions and hollow phrases. Here the confrontation is reduced to the essence, in the moment of clash both sides are incompatible.

The object “The dove´s end” was awarded the first price in the artcollectors club´s competition featuring anti-consumerism. The object also deals with the fundamental issue of polarity and the question of one´s own ability do decide. In the contrast of nature and technology, with its reference to crucification and thus to the profound question of a man´s right way in life, finally through the form of the object that resembles an insignia of power – this is about man as such and his role in this world.

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