Boje Arndt Kiesiel | visual artist

Link pictures 2014

the paintings

Atmospheric paintings in different formats are another form of expression of Kiesiel. He uses canvas, but also other sought out material like wood or used items. The paintings often are monochrome or reduced in colors, featuring intense shades of purple, magenta, blue or green. By brush or by pouring he applies oil or acrylic paint and works on by wiping, scratching or painting over it.  The process of creation is dominated by impulsive and intuitive work. Gradually evolve fragments of motives and delicate, detailed structures, which are further carved out and sometimes grow together to form bigger sceneries. When the observer approaches the painting without expectations, gets closer, changes his angle, more an more fabulous creatures, figures and structures emerge.

Even the works feature many details, the motives often remain undefined and leave space for a personal interpretation. A creature seemingly creepy at first sight turns into a friendly fairy being, or vice versa. Sometimes inside a small detailed structure another complete scene is discovered, sometimes a bigger scene comes forward and its details fade in the eye of the observer and lose their individuality. The paintings target the unconscious and in their „dreamlike“ imagery,  they activate imagination and invite to playfully discover them.

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